Venice, California looks much different in the 21st Century than it did in the beginning of the 20th Century. Today Venice is home to Muscle Beach, tourism-based retail shops, several Medical Marijuana dispensaries, and perhaps the best Sunset in Southern California. In the 20th Century, Venice was home to The Kinney family's pier which featured roller coasters, a racing derby and aerial stunts over the beach. Venice, California mimicked Venice, Italy in its manmade canals, although many of them were replaced by streets against the wishes of Venice's residents. Due to several competing amusement parks and unfortunate fires, Venice's pier and amusement park eventually gave way to the Venice beach that exists today. The height of excitement in Venice today is still the beach, however it's the drum circle, skate park and outdoor gym that keep tourists and residents visiting year after year. Venice's self storage locations are listed below for your convenience.

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