5 Tips to Consider When Looking for Self Storage Services


You’ve finally decided that it’s time to make some room. Where do you start? Do you need to downsize your living space, re-organize your household, or simply just need a safe place to store your things while you move?

Mini self-storage facilities can be useful and are available in almost all cities. How does one go about choosing who is right for you? Of course you want to find the best option for your precious belongings. Before moving in, it would be wise to consider the following 5 factors when selecting storage facility.


Your items are important enough to keep for obvious reason, so security should be at the top of your list requirements. Secure storage of your belongings as well as security for you went you are moving your items in and out of the facility are of paramount importance. Does the facility have an alarm system? If so, it is installed for the facility as a whole as well as individual units? Key coded access cards ensure that only other customers and employees of the facility are able to access the location of the storage units. Cameras located within visible range of all units, as well as all entrances and exits to the facility are also important. Are there on site guards who will monitor the cameras round the clock and also to personally patrol the facility? Finally, are all units outfitted with working smoke detectors?


Often climate control is not thought of when it comes to using storage facilities. Renting a unit that offers climate control storage is one way to ensure that your belongings come out of storage in the same condition that they went in. This option might be a bit pricier than the alternative, it is definitely worth it as it will ensure you that your precious belongings are kept at an even, moderate temperature at all times and are not subjected to the potential damage of either freezing cold or scorching heat.


Take the time to meet with the facility manger in person. While the benefit of using a self storage unit is that it is cheaper than units that are ran by moving companies, that does not mean that you have to sacrifice on the type of customer service you should receive. Customer service can make a great mini storage experience even greater. Experienced customer service reps can help you in choosing the best size storage unit for your needs, assist you with setting up your account and payment options, and provide you a person to call in the event any problems do arise.


Consider accessibility of the items you are placing in storage. How often Will you need to visit your unit? It is often difficult to anticipate all the scenarios in which you might need access to a particular item. You don’t want to wait until a weekend or holiday to realize that you need some paperwork you have put into your self storage unit only to discover that the facility is closed. For this reason, a facility which offers 24/7 access can be extremely convenient and helpful in avoiding any unnecessary hassles.


This is a “perk” most self storage facilties offer, that sometimes gets forgotten. Getting your belongings to and from storage can be difficult to arrange. If you don’t have access to a truck, this lack of transportation can add unneccary costs to your moving expenses, so be sure to ask your selected facility if they offer free use of their moving truck / van.

When in doubt, always do your research before selecting any self storage facility. Hopefully these 5 tips will help you in your selection process.

Patrick Sharer

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