Get Ready UC Berkeley Students – Summer Is Coming

Cal State LogoThe San Francisco Bay Area is home to the prestigious University of California, Berkeley, one of America’s top public institutions. Every year thousands of high school and junior college students apply to the university in hopes of attending in Fall, and intense competition only allows top students admission. The city is known as a “college town” and many local businesses support the school’s athletic and academic programs. When moving to Berkeley for a college experience or a simple relocation, there are several self-storage facilities to choose from. Since Cal’s students come from all over the nation and world, many return home during the summer months and must store their goods to avoid expensive shipping costs back to their hometown. Berkeley Self Storage, Public Storage, and Extra Space Storage seem to be the favorites amongst college students.

For those students who are planning to leave their belongings in storage, we have a few bits of advice to help keep your things safe. Unless you plan on paying a little extra for climate controlled storage, you might not want to leave items sensitive to cold or heat such as electronics and photographs. Make sure to separate school paperwork from important paperwork that might have social security or bank account numbers on them. Take them with you or make sure they are shredded. If you are storing a mini fridge make sure to empty it out and give it a wipe down. Place it in storage with the door slightly cracked open to prevent mildew. Last but not least, you are in college, you are smart, if your dorm lets you keep a small pet, please take it with you. This should be a given but, you never know.

Wherever you may be attending, keep a few things in mind. Many storage facilities near or around colleges, offer discounts or for students during the summer months. Check a facilities website for a coupon or give them a call. Do your research and you can save yourself some major moolah!

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