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What more can we say, we LOVE storage!  Over the years INeedStorage has collected a ton of information, names, addresses, and locations that add up to a vast amount of self-storage space in California. With over 4,000 facilities you can imagine how much stuff that is, and all that stuff sparked out interest. What other places out there store large amounts of stuff? We found a few interesting places that take storage to extreme levels.

Gold Vault below the Federal Reserve Bank in New YorkLet’s start off with the good stuff, money, more specifically, GOLD! The Federal Reserve Bank of New York houses the world’s largest gold vault. With a current record of approximately 530,000 gold bars weighing in excess of 6,000 tons this massive vault contains 122 storage compartments for storing individual account holder’s bars. The vault sits on bedrock 80 feet below street level, even lower than the subway system. With many security measures in place the pinnacle is the 90 ton steel cylinder that is set within a 140 ton concrete and steel frame. This is some crazy storage but if you are protecting a current market value of 275 billion in world assets I guess it had better be.


Book shelves in the Library of CongressIf money’s not your thing but knowledge is you would be right at home in the Library of Congress, Washington D.C. The Library spans 3 buildings which houses a collection of over 158 million pieces that include more than 36 million books and written materials in languages from all over the globe. In totally the library contains more than 838 miles of shelves that house the books.  They even store films, sheet music and audio recordings and are expanding the collection by an estimated 12,000 pieces every day.  Anyone over the age of 16 has access to the library.

Milestii Mici the worlds larges wine storage!

There is nothing better than winding your day down with a nice glass of wine, am I right? Milestii Mici, Moldava is home to the Guinness World Record holder of world’s largest winery.  Founded in 1969 as a place to store and mature high-end wines, the Milestii Mici now houses almost 2 million bottles of the “holy drink”.  Known as the underground wine city, a car or bicycle is often used by employees to travel the 155 mile length of this massive vino storage. The bottles are stored within the limestone walls at a temperature of between 53 and 57 degrees Fahrenheit year round, the ideal temperature for wines.  Remember that one for storing your own private collection.

The Smithsonian CastleLast but not least we come to one of the world’s largest storage facilities for stuff. The Smithsonian Institution is not just one building but a collection of 19 museums and 9 research facilities that contain more than 135 million items! That my friends, is a lot of stuff. Established in 1846 and located primarily in Washington D.C. with buildings in other locations throughout the United States the Smithsonian is home to some of the world’s greatest treasures including the Hope Diamond, a compass used on the Lewis and Clark expedition, and Edison light bulb from 1886, and the Wright Flyer. They even have a zoo! Admission is free to all visitors and the museum’s are open every day of the year except for Christmas and of course during the occasional government shutdown.

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