Beach Boys Catalogue Found in Florida Storage Unit


When the Beach Boys sang, “Don’t Worry Baby, Everything Will Be
Alright”, they didn’t realize just how applicable those lyrics would be to the
buyer of a storage unit in Florida decades down the road.  A Beach Boys fans’ dream storage unit went up
for auction after its renter defaulted on the storage payments. A couple of
local music promoters gambled away a few hundred dollars on the unit, the
contents of which may net upwards of ten million dollars. “This archive is like
the Bible of the Beach Boys career,” said Ted Owen of the auction house ‘Fame
Bureau’, and due to its sheer volume it’s safe to say that’s an accurate
comparison. The collection of sheet music, photographs and handwritten lyrics
is purely overwhelming, encompassing some 150 songs and represents a
significant moment in music history.
Photos of the band on their travels offer a rare glimpse into the lives
of these future icons of Pop music and seem impossible to be valued, but
$10,000,000 ought to do the band and their works justice. 

Former CA Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Sex Photo Found in Storage Unit



Anyone who has studied Film is aware of the notorious ‘Caligula’, a lewd interpretation of the crazed Roman Emperor’s life that was funded partially by late Penthouse Magazine founder Bob Guccione, and which featured explicit, pornographic sex scenes. Well Bob Guccione has yet again found his name in the headlines as one of his storage units came up for auction in sunny Southern California. This unit was filled to the brim with shots of Penthouse pets, naturally, as well as paintings created by the pornographic mogul himself. However the most compelling find amongst the many intriguing artifacts within the storage unit was an alleged pornographic photograph of former California Governor and the Terminator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger. While this picture hasn’t surfaced online or elsewhere just yet, it allegedly does exist along with images of Lauren Hutton and Madonna in the buff. Schwarzenegger’s camp has yet to release a comment, but it’s only a matter of time before the photo sees the light of day- lest he buy the rights from its new owner- Jeremy Frommer of the Royal Bank of Canada. The moral of this story is two-fold; one: don’t take or pose for pictures mid-coitus and two: you never know what’s going to turn up at a storage auction – especially one in California.


Denos Communications Announces Re-launch Of Their California Self Storage Directory,


Ime of index page for I Need Storage website

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