Storage Companies Giving Back to the Community.

Storage Mart flyer for shoe in for foster careStorage facilities have been making news for giving back to their respective communities. One such trailblazer in the realm of community payback is StorageMart, the North American super-provider of storage. StorageMart has facilities all over the United States, from Miami to Seattle, as well as in Canada from British Columbia to Toronto. StorageMart’s broad reach isn’t limited to where they’ve placed locations, but the people behind the company actively extend their reach into the community by creating unique donation programs. In honor of Foster Care Awareness Month, their latest campaign “Shoe In For Foster Care” ask’s for anyone in the Jefferson City and Columbia area to donate their used shoes between now and May13th. They will use the shoes to line the lawn of the Missouri Capitol Building representing the more than 9,000 children in Missouri foster care systems. The shoes will then be given to Hope for Caribbean Kids, Inc. to help fund their mission to build quality schools in the nation of Haiti. We at would like to commend StorageMart for doing their part to affect the next generation. Hats off the all involved! Perhaps StorageMart, who has been running these types of programs for some time will inspire other storage companies to give back to their communities in some way, as well.

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