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Con Artist Stores $1M+ in Cash in Storage Unit


Storage units serve so many purposes. Some function as offices in this tough economic climate, others as rec rooms for men who need an escape from their wives & kids, and every now and then the quiet darkness of a storage unit is transformed into a tomb. In this case, a storage unit in Portland, Oregon was used for its namesake purpose: storage. However in this instance the items being stored were $20′s, $50′s and $100 dollar bills amounting to over $1,000,000. The unit was being used as a vault for money procured by one Bobby Thompson, a Navy Veteran and alleged con artist. Authorities claim Thompson procured the million-plus dollars as part of a faux charity operation entitled “U.S. Navy Veterans Association” in Tampa, FL. Not content to merely be a philanderer, Thompson also maintained several stolen identities and their assorted paperwork (including birth certificates). Much evidence of which was located in the same storage unit. Thompson was apprehended in a Boston Bar after a six-month long search by authorities, including the U.S. Marshals Service and Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation. One of Thompson’s three wallets held a license for one “Alan Lacy”, which quickly led authorities to the storage unit bearing the incriminating evidence as well as the exorbitant amount of cash. The scariest element of the whole story? Bobby Thompson isn’t this criminals real name, and his true identity remains unknown!