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Woman Raised In Storage Unit For Over A Decade

Woman inside a Cardboard Box

We’ve covered stories here at INeedStorage about uncanny and unique uses for storage units, whether they be past or present. Throughout our time covering news stories about Self-Storage and the plethora of facilities that dot the American landscape, we’ve repeatedly mused about the possibility of individuals or whole families living in a storage unit. While this seems wholly impossible- (where would you go to the bathroom?) one woman named Jodi Jill is claiming that she spent over ten years of her life calling a single 10×20 storage unit home. Not only did Ms. Jill grow up in this storage locker in Loveland, CO, she allegedly shared it with three siblings and her two parents. While Ms. Jill contends that her tale of her storage unit-cum-home is one-hundred percent factual, several skeptics question how a family could live undetected for over a decade in the cramped, dark, dankness of a storage unit. Jill maintains that the facility managers and security knew of her family’s residence in the storage facility, but failed to report it or take action against the family. While one may be reminded of Flowers in the Attic by Jill’s fair hair and complexion combined with the fact that she almost grew up in secret, it is relieving to see Jill living a life of normalcy all these years later. We wish Jill and her family members the best, and hope that whoever wins the Presidential election spend serious time considering the welfare of families, including their shelter.

Over $1M Found in Australian Storage Locker


In this day and age, news stories related to the Self-Storage industry are generally macabre and crime-ridden. Many criminals see storage facilities as the perfect place to store stolen good, drugs, cash, weapons, child pornography and even bodies. The upside of encountering these reports, however, is that the culprits are being apprehended and charged for their crimes. Self-Storage companies often boast about the security of their facilities, often displaying the view of their multiple security cameras from behind their reception desk. It’s curious then, just how many criminals think they’re going to get away with their nefarious plots when they’re obviously having their every move recorded. In this particular case of criminal activity behind the gates of a storage facility, one individual’s crimes were vast and numerous and the storage unit full of $1,000,000 cash was just one aspect of his overall crimes. Aside from the money stashed away in small bags, authorities discovered a sawed-off shotgun. Not content to regulate his criminal activity to the storage unit he purchased, the culprit’s home would prove quite interesting and fruitful to the investigating agents. Inside the dwelling in South Brisbane, Australia were steroids, several kilograms of either speed or cocaine, a taser and a semi-automatic handgun. This whole ordeal was uncovered when the man tried to dodge a traffic checkpoint , when police caught up with him he was discovered to be carrying a knife and fifty grams of what authorities concluded was either speed or “Crystal” meth. While stories such as these seem far-fetched and torn from the pages of a 1980’s crime novel, each new day brings to light further atrocities and crimes being committed with the aid of a storage locker. Perhaps this deluge of information will bring to light to the fact that storage facilities are equipped with the technology to catch active criminals and will discourage similar knaves from attempting to mask their crimes at self storage facilities.